I can’t take it anymore, you guys!

Why do the producers think we are gullible enough to fall for a rosy picture - where the labor put in to making every car they “flip” is conveniently never included. I’m sure there’s other things behind the scenes that I don’t know of. And having a TV show always helps when you’re buying stuff off people.

I mean, its a show marketed to car guys any way. And we know its bs, so it makes no sense to have this flimsy facade of a narrative in the show!

But this episode is extra “special”. They agreed to buy the AMG fender and bumper kit off a guy for 15 grand, if he didn’t like the car! But if he liked the car, he could buy it.


The whole thing is obviously a charade! Good kits are impossible to find and that’s one of the biggest obstacles with replicating this.

We all know that taking on projects or paying for them is not cheap. And I’ve toyed with the idea of doing this project because the 560 SEC AMG is spectacular. So I watched this in the hopes of finding a revelation of some sort. Maybe it can be done this way and then, it would be doable.


But nope. These guys make it look way too easy :/

The only redeemable thing is that they walk you through all the steps. Even though I don’t work on cars or own one right now, I love seeing that and how different cars work. No other show does that. But then, why ruin all that with this other “flipping” nonsense? You’re a TV show. You don’t need to “flip cars for money”.