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Wheelin and Dealin - Project Prelute

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Key takeaway from my first show: I wasn’t pushing my wheel fitment boundaries enough. Yet to stay true to being a truck, and being OEM+, my options were limited. Time for a quick thought experiment, feel free to add to the discussion in the comments.


Out-of-bounds markers / constraints:

- Must be supplied as OE by a Japanese OEM without being too make-specific

- Flush fit but retains full function, no rubbing with <1.5° camber

- No spacers or BCD adapters

Just because of offsets alone, Acura/Honda rims are mostly out. All the FWD 5x114.3 Hi-Po rims tend to have offsets of ~ +42 or more on relatively narrow rims. Love the DC5R rims but offset is way too high. Can’t really think of any other options that look aggressive enough for me.


Toyota/Subaru: Hub Center bore is too small, many are 5x100.

Mazda: Offsets generally too high. Some Miata or RX-8 rims could have been a nice look though.


Nissan: Some G35 or 370z fronts could work. But the nicer ones are usually 19", which is too big for the Prelude.

Mitsubishi: Based on my existing TL Type-S rim fitment (17x8 ET45), Evo rims could be a perfect fit. (17 or 18x8.5 ET38)


So I did the quick photoshop experiment above with EvoX MR rims as I’m inclined to upsize to 18"s. Not a great one as it reflects the diameter but not the offset/width. To be in line with the current color theme, I made them chrome black. Original below for reference.

Illustration for article titled Wheelin and Dealin - Project Prelute

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