Wheels and tires ordered!

There’s something strange about spending 15-20% of your car’s worth on wheels and tires.


As some of you might know, the 03+ MR2 Spyder runs ‘double staggered’ wheels, with 185/55 R15 in the front and 215/45 R16 in the back. Since it’s difficult to find decent matching tires in these sizes, and the OEM wheels are in dire need of a refurbishment, I decided to get a new set.

After some deliberation about going with cheap but heavy Rotas or Enkeis, I followed my gut and simply went for my favorite wheels: the OZ Alleggerita HLTs in 16" front and 17" rear. They weigh in at about 6.2-6.3 kg (13.7 lbs) each, which is actually about the same (front) and less (rear) than the smaller OEMs.

Tire choice was a bit better (still not optimal since I wanted to preserve the stagger), and I’m getting a full Italian combo with 195/45 R16 and 215/40 R17 Pirelli PZero Nero GTs.


For those left wondering, the OEM wheels will be repaired and put on winter wheel duty.

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