Having purchased the Golf recently, and not enjoying the feel of the stock wheels/tires, I began to look at wheels on various sites to see what was available.

As I was narrowing choices, I had a moment, and mentally ran down the list:

65 Mustang, wheels/tires my step dad chose. Dodge D-50, what was the point? 1998 Ranger extra cab, stock until I sold it. Land Rover Discovery, stock. 63 Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider had Panasports on it when I bought it, no reason to replace them. 03 GSX-R 600, first bike, didn’t know enough to to make a choice, and finally, the GMC Envoy. Another on the what’s the point list.

I have never replaced the wheels, only the tires, on anything I have owned.

Guess I better make use of these sites that show your wheel choice on a particular make/model and some image searches to see what others have put on a Golf.


I bet there are tons of wheels I would really like, on diesel VWs in a really large parking lot just oxidizing away...