While I was fixing the belt on the Riviera my street flooded, something I haven’t seen once in the 16 years I’ve lived here, and got up to the seats in the Nissan and Miata. Got them pushed to the center of the road and started the Mazda— which was NOT happy— and into the driveway. The Nissan cranked a few times, sputtered, then made two pops and wouldn’t crank, so I guess it somehow hydrolocked. Other than water in the everything, the Miata’s wiring harness and ECU was completely submerged so... yeah. And since the ‘yata was a rebuilt title in the past Progressive wouldn’t give me comprehensive on it, and comprehensive wasn’t on the Nissan because old, I guess.

Have a picture of the creek behind the house that’s usually a foot wide. It’s gone up another couple feet since then.