Ok, so here’s the scenario. Driving in this morning, got into some torrential downpour rain. It was bad enough that the entire road was a hydroplane hazard.

So at one point, after driving through much rain, the engine went into a lower power mode, and the CEL was blinking. The car didn’t sound off, except that it wouldn’t go into boost. With an exhaust that loud, I feel like I should have heard if it wasn’t running right, and the engine light went away unless I got into boost. So I might have developed a boost leak, but my prevailing theory is that there was enough water all around that going into boost put more water into the cylinders than the engine could handle, and I would get intermittent spark failure.


When I pulled into work and parked, the car idled as normal, and the CEL was gone. I’m doubting that there was any damage, but I guess we’ll see when things dry out a bit. Unless anyone has any other theories.

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