My iPhone disappeared from my desk this afternoon. If the security cameras on my floor hadn’t been malfunctioning, perhaps I could have posted a “watch my phone getting stolen” a la CofFL’s car.

I put it in lost mode, but Find My iPhone tells me it’s offline so that I can’t locate it. Calling it goes straight to voice mail. If I don’t get it back by tomorrow, I’m going to brick it remotely and go buy another phone. I need a working phone for work. I’m pretty pissed, but in the end, it’s just stuff.

I would like to find the shit who took it and beat the crap out of him, just for invading my personal space like that.


Just to keep it light, here is the last pic it took. I was greeted by this view when I opened my eyes Sunday, courtesy of my daughter’s warped sense of humor.

Illustration for article titled Whelp, it looks like I was robbed.

P.S: if by some remarkable miracle it turns out I find it and that it got lost because of something stupid I did, I will be seriously relieved. I don’t know if I’ll admit it to you guys though.

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