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Whelp, It's happening… Bye Bye FoST

Cut a deal today on a 2012 Wrangler Sport, CPO. Went through Rockland Jeep, which were awesome. I had a recommendation from the Owner's friend, so that didn't hurt either. While gas mileage will be down, and its… well…

It's an automatic….

I'm pretty psyched for the car. I drove the manual version a few times, and just couldn't deal with the vagueness. Plus, for the amount of driving I'm doing in NYC, and traffic, I really will be less stressed. I'll get myself a project car, or weekend driver in a couple years, once I've paid this down.


Signed paperwork today, gotta put the stock wheels back on the Focus this weekend, and I pick the Wrangler up on Monday.

I'm gonna be selling my winter setup, which is on the car now, so if any of you FoST (or FiST?) owners are interested, let me know. And if you're in the NY/ NJ area of course.


Pic of the Jeep:

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