Reposted for evening crowd: Fresh Fiero Content

The fiero I bought was supposedly grounded due to a “bad clutch”. The guy parked it in 2014 or 2015 and just didn’t bother looking into it too much. Turns out, it was actually the slave cylinder being completely shot. The master cylinder too is also a bit....gone. But hey, it works now!!!!

Now, see that clean, bare metal bit? The part that looks like fresh steel?

Yeah that’s where the bleeder vale was....Emphasis on “was”. One good twist with a wrench after some heat and it sheared clean off.


So with the new slave cylinder installed, we began bleeding and adjusting the clutch and shifter. We got it decently complete but we’re replacing the master cylinder due to how nasty the fluid was and the difficulty we had in getting all the air out.

Once that was all settled, we read the codes from the computer and saw nothing conerning. Air filter was new, the O2 sensor was new, the temperature sensors responded and were accurate. So we plugged in the battery, added some gas, and she fired right up.


I now have a running, shifting Fiero. Needs lots of adjustments to get it to something I’d be comfortable driving on the street, but it’s a great start! I need to get the gauges reading, and the interior needs lots of little things. But it was a great first day of wrenching. The brakes are getting replaced at all 4 corners still. All of them look like garbage. That’s pretty standard and could be done in a weekend with my friends with ease. So it looks like I’ll be at woodward this year for sure!


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