When Did 944's Reach Ludicrous 911 Prices?

Think of the most pristine Porsche 951 that you can imagine. Now think of a price that would a reasonable person would pay for it. Okay, now click this link.

This 1989 Porsche 944 Turbo is the most desired 944 model. The 1989 Turbo model had the previous years Turbo S options as standard. This included a limited slip diff, adjustable front shocks, larger sway bars, Brembo brakes, and a larger turbo giving 247 hp over the standard 217 hp.


This particular 951 has only 8249 miles, the best original paint that still exists on any 944, and an absolutely insane asking price; $109,500.00 to be precise. There is no question that this car could be a museum piece, but is it really worth the money? Marshall Goldman Motors Sales from Cleveland, Ohio sure thinks so. They have another low mileage 944 Turbo for the low-low-price of $39,900.00. Are they being misguided/blinded by the 911 market or is this price justified? Personally, I think it is a crack pipe all day. Cut the price in half, and then we will talk.

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