To most people looking at this car, they see a green Honda Pilot. However, this particular

Pilot is more then just a car. It the car my brother and I grew up in. Sure, I remember previous cars my parent's had, but this was the one I remember them picking out. I saw some of the most beautiful parts of the country out the window of this car. I drove home from the DMV in this car. My mom drove this for 8 years and 128,000 miles. All but 100 of those were our miles. 128k miles of memories. My mom cried over the Pilot after it was declared totaled, I'll even admit to getting choked up when I was taking the "Pilot" badge off the tailgate. And that's what I'm getting at. Sure, a car in itself is just a car, but some cars, some truly great cars become much more then that. They become part of your life and personality, they develop a soul. The soul of a car is whatever you put into it. It could be restoring a Mustang or knowing every mile on your 528i was yours. Either carving back roads in a Miata or taking your kids to school in your Grand Caravan, watching them grow up in the rear-view mirror. I don't care if you drive a Corolla, Fiesta ST, M3, Odyssey or 458. It's not the car, but what you with that car.