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When a Porsche dealer at Cars and Coffee asks you if you want to drive his new 2014 Cayman

You say YES. (hat tip to Ghostbusters)

This actually happened to me. The local (apparently evil genius) Porsche dealer came out to our small local cars and coffee with a 2014 Cayman that they are going use as a demo and loaner car. I had test driven a 2007 Cayman S and found it to be too small for me, as I couldn't get the seat and wheel position to work for me. I mentioned this to him and asked if I could sit in it, as I was curious if I could fit in this version as it was bigger. He said- sure, but why don't you take it for a spin instead. Seeming to be too good to be true, I asked "you sure?" He said yes, and tossed me the fancy Porsche key/fob thing.

So I took it for a quick spin around the mall that hosts us. Not wanting to be "that guy" I tootled around in it until I found a nice deserted area that I could give it a nice 3/4 throttle 2 second pull. Angry Porsche noises and some pleasing wheel spin later it rocketed up to speed. It sounds and felt great- I was very impressed. And the interior quality was superb, and a big jump over the 07.


Amusingly, some dipwad in a crappy beater ran a stop sign in front of me as I was returning it. But seeing I was driving it like it was a $68,000 MSRP car I didn't own and didn't want to explain to State Farm, I predicted his stupidity and the Porsche's brakes did their job. I have to say that the near universal praise for this car may actually understate just how good (and beautiful) it is.

So go to your local Cars and Coffee, because cool things happen there.

Not the actual car, but same model and color:

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