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When a Project Goes Wildly Out of Control

A couple of weeks ago I started building a guitar I could take to work with me to play during my lunch break. I’m not about to drive around Providence all day with an American Strat in the back seat, so I wanted to keep it cheap. That didn’t happen.

That’s a GFS poplar body with a no-name neck, a Fender MIM pickguard, and a set of GFS pickups/harness. Pretty cheap, right? Totally cheap.


Except then this happened:

And after that, a Mighty Mite MM2902VT neck happened. And a set of really nice Gotoh locking tuners happened. I’m keeping the loaded pickguard though, I like those pickups a lot.

So what was supposed to be a $200 guitar became a $400 guitar, but still one I’ll be okay taking to work with me. I don’t feel too bad about it...Candy Apple Red is far and away my favorite Strat color, I would have bought my MIA in it if it was available.


Gonna be a hell of a guitar when it’s done though.

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