This was after I was done & rotating tires.

Damn, working on cars sucks. If I did a bit of research I would have been prepared or at least know what to expect. I changed my van brake pads Monday after work. More after the Jump , Feeling Froggy?? We’ll jump...

So, the caravan has a mechanical emergency/pArking brake in the rear. You rotate the piston to put it back in the caliper instead of just push it in with a C-clamp like the front. And of course I started on the back.


rear pads weren’t too terrible, but due.

Here is my special tool substitution, which it actually rotated pretty easily.

Stupid me, I didn’t buy or have my rotors turned, so I’ll be doing all this over again soon.


Fronts were just starting to grind on the rivets.


So my neighbor noticed me changing the pads and I went over and looked at his 2002 Acura TL. He bought it at 130K and has about 200k. So it’s probably due as well .


Hopefully it’ll go smoother than the van . And I’m having him buy new rotors so we’ll just swap out parts.

TL in background behind the metro.

The guy is Super nice, and my wife watches his toddler one day a week. And he’ll probably be paying with beers, so it’s not like I’m swapping a transmission for him or anything

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