SharkBite fittings are the best. This is the biggest I’ve ever used at 2”. That and and the adapter to go to a 1/2” for the hose bib was $75.

Job is to demo 2 old boilers in a small hospital that became a county facility building. The water line that fed the abandoned boilers was still live, although the valves at the boiler were off. And when we got there 4 weeks ago and hot water/ steam was backfed one of the boilers because the valve didn’t hold. Upon cutting the last sections it fell against the water line and snapped it 10’ in the air. Luckily I scouted out the shutoff prior.

This job sucked, but we should be done next week.

Harbor freight winch, works still.



Enough about stupid work. Tomorrow is Friday and our schedule is cleared for Saturday. May just Take the family on a hike. The van is not clacking anymore. Yay!