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When brake drums go bad

So I was pulling our camper home from a park when I notice a fault code on my brake controller. There was a power short somewhere in the brake system. I pulled over and the camper came to a stop with no issues. I looked at the drums and one of them was smoking. Hooray...

Well we pulled the drum and the guts came pouring out onto the ground. No exaggeration. Everything just crumbled out. We limped it home the last 6 miles after we put the drum and axle nut back on and we have an appointment to see if the warranty will pay for the issue.


I’ve never had this happen with a drum. Everything was new in September 2018 and there were no failure signs. All of the drums were always relatively cool to the touch and we had recently adjusted them after it sat for a couple months (winter months).

Here’s a pic of the carnage immediately after pulling the drum:

Illustration for article titled When brake drums go bad

Now I need to pull the other drums to make sure there aren’t any signs of premature wear because I’m sure Dexter will deny it if there is anything. Last thing I want to do is for it to sit out of commission only to be denied and given a bill for 135 bucks on top of then having to buy the parts and do it myself.

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