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When Brand Loyalty becomes Arrogance...

I love Volvo, I think they make a great car. I think that buying a used one for 5-7k is a steal. I implore people who are looking for a car in that segment (luxury or high end crossovers/SUVs) to look at a new Volvo before deciding anything. But I know, like any other car make, they have their issues.

As some of you know from a previous post, I have an undying love for Subaru. I love the way the new WRX STI looks. Love the silly giant spoiler. Most people I know like vehicles from various brands from various companies.


It's great to have a love for a certain brand or company and to support them. It's another thing to tell people any car that isn't made by that company is junk. I know a few people that having a conversation about cars with is useless because it'll just end up with "MY CAR MAKE IS BEST AND YOU'RE AN IDIOT".

That's when Brand Loyalty becomes too much for me. When someone can't see the faults of a car and acts as though it's gods gift to humans, it comes off as just ignorance.


Have a 2015 WRX STI for your time -

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