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When Bro-ing this hard, going is hard

this guy was having a hell of a time doing, well anything.

Those tires had treads the size of bricks. Nice and flat, they just slid and spun. I had just stopped for a bowl of Pho before heading home and him and his “n*****” (i know its not the best word to be typing into a post but my god, ever sentence began with “My N” They were sitting there trying to snap chat with chicks. These are were the people every bad stereotype is formed from. He deserved to end up upside in a ditch. They all sounded liek horrible people. One of his other bro’s had a brand new STi. He was very concerned to be out driving. WEll i saw why, his summer tire were probably going to do even worse than JeepBro’s brotires.

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over the past 24 hours, we got about a foot of snow which was followed by rain and then sub-freezing temperatures (18*f this morning). I past one guy who had probably thought the rain would melt all the snow. He was out there with a metal garden shovel trying to break up what was essentially a small iceberg.

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