All of us love seeing classic cars still on the road. There is something that stirs inside us to see some former legend of days before still prowling the streets. Many of us would love to have more than one of these beasts in their garage.  But how many is too many?  Some of us have the means to restore one or two. 50?  Seems incredible but it is possible. Only time is the limiting factor.  For these cars it seems time has run out.

I recently got the courage to talk to the owner of this junkyard.  I thought it was a junkyard until the moment he told me he is restoring these cars. I had to hold my poker face. Because in the 10 years I have lived here, none of those cars have moved. I would know. Passing by every week or so, I have memorized what is where.  That Porsche, the Fairladies, the Skylines. None have seen a wrench in the time I have known them.

The state of the building is also quite the sight.  There is a flatbed truck with scaffolding on the bed.  That scaffolding is holding the building up.  Many corrugated sheets bang loudly with the wind.  The building is beyond condemned.  Stuffed full of rusting auto parts and shells.

This is not a restoration shop or a junkyard.  It is a tomb. A very sad one because of the way these legends are rotting away in front of our eyes.


There is also an overflow lot that has many wrecked and rusting cars. A few look restorable to my amateur eyes. A few were never before seen by me. Especially the mini Subarus.


My Japanese isn't great. I did inquire about if these cars and parts were for sale.  His answer was vague. It never seemed to me that he had any interest in selling anything. I will be gutted when the building finally collapses on these treasures.

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