Not a wall of text. I need to drop the 850R off tomorow to have the manual swap done (Work has recently decided to almost double my hours, and my car will be sitting for weeks if I did it myself at that rate). I ask my coworker if he can drop me off, its about a 25 minute drive one way. Would be less than 80 minutes to follow me to the shop, drop me off at my house, then him to go home. So I text him. Turns out he would rather not do it, he drove 6 hours today and he hates driving. I even offered $30 in gas. Still no. Lesson? If I extend my hand to you (I pulled strings to get him the job) at least give me a high five. Screw it, not backing him up anymore.

On a related note, anyone in PA wanna drive to tobyhanna so I can drop off my car?