These Corolla posts are really bringing out the worst in the commenters on the site.

I just have one simple question. What makes "us" "right"? How is the Mazda 3 an objectively better car than a Civrolla for any and everybody? Is it impossible for anyone to legitimately want things from cars that we don't?

And since when did a Mazda 3 come to represent pure driving pleasure anyway? It's a FWD economy car. Not even a tuned or performance spec one either. It's not mentionable in the company of something like a DC2 ITR, Focus SVT or Clio RS, let alone non-asterisked great drivers cars.

Most importantly though, if folks would stop crying about Corollas, they'd maybe realize we are living in a golden age of performance cars and the stickshift transmission. Something like a Camry or 911 GT3 not having a stickshift is not really relevant to the average enthusiast. A brown diesel stickshift Camry would still suck, and a 911 GT3 is perpetually out of most folks' price ranges new or used. The folks who can afford them don't seem to mind. A lot of storied nameplates (Camaro, Mustang, 911, Z) are at their peaks for performance and inflation adjusted value. The freaking GT86 went into production for Christ's sake. All of this is happening while *GASP* the Corolla continues to dominate its segment in sales.


People's beef isn't *really* with the Corolla. There is a hilarious paradox in all the griping of the Jalopponauts. The religion of Jalopnik/Oppolock is inherently rooted in contrarianism and the illusion of car enthusiasm as some kind of unique and honorable endeavor. However, when people dump on the Corolla and those who buy it, they are basically conforming to the Jalopponaut ideal, in turn becoming not unlike the supposed lemmings that would dare to buy anything but a Mazda3.

In other words, dumping people for supposedly jumping onto the Corolla bandwagon, is jumping onto an ACTUAL bandwagon, representative of all the ugliness auto enthusiasm has to offer. The unwarranted sense of superiority over non enthusiasts, the assignment of moral and character value stemming from what one drives, the displaying of the total lack of ability to step outside one's self and understand others.



Hey guys. Let's get our heads out of our collective asses, stop trying to assign moral judgments to non-enthusiasts and their cars, and just get back to appreciating all the automotive good we are able to enjoy. Whining about Corollas is about as big of a waste of time as any auto enthusiast can undertake.