Hi Guys!

I guess this is my first actual post here instead of a reply... so YAY me! Anywho, I guess I could use some advice.


I have a junky old 944 ( similar to pic) that keeps popping up with problems. Steering first, then electrical, compounded by more electrical, and as of tonight it's dead on the side of the highway.

What happened tonight was while driving I heard 2 loud pops, then engine power loss, then a real LOUD POP accompanied by a flame out of the exhaust and a dead engine. The timing belts are still tight but they could have slipped. As it happened, I was on my way to the mechanic anyways for a charging problem (new battery, new alternator, still no charge).

I didn't pay too much for the car in the first place, and as problems keep popping up, I am thinking of cutting my losses and craigslisting it or just junking it.

So Oppo, when do you cut and run?