My coworker’s fiancée complains about hooligans with loud cars constantly ripping up and down their street. My coworker says he’s never heard on seen anything while he’s been at home. So knowing they were both at home, while we were in town today my roommate (also a coworker) convinced me (didn’t take much) that since the Niva’s pretty well straight piped, we should rip past their place. So I did a WOT 1st-gear pass.

Didn’t hit fuel cutoff till 7k.


7000 rpm.

Read it. Read it again. Then read it once more and weep, boys and girls. Weep. Because my Single-cam 8-valve Lada motor revs like a mofo.

Also I’m super excited because buddy over at LadaPower mailed my new transmission today. I kinda miss second gear.