A Porsche with a Ford Coyote V8, a classic Mustang with a LS, a freakin Pantera with a LS, a E-type with Toyota 1JZ.... When is it too much? Lets start with that Porsche/Ford combo.

Is it OK if the original engine has been destroyed? I think that might factor into it. After hearing the story behind the car, I don’t hate it.


What about Jag with a Toyota?


On this one, the body was rotten. Engine was just laying around. I don’t mind this either.

Does the vehicle have to be almost destroyed for it to be OK?

Now lets get to the WTF, Pantera with an LS

I don’t get it. Money wasn’t a factor here. It was just a poor decision (in my eyes). They could have put a Coyote in there. Why the Ringbrothers keep putting Chevy power in Ford products is beyond me. You want more?


I give you (Can’t believe I’m saying this) a 1965 Mustang, with a LS...

Where do you think the line should be?

I believe the line is in the wallet. If the only way you can enjoy your dream car is by shoving the cheapest, closest engine into it. Do it. Enjoy it.


But, if you’re having your dream car built by professionals for an insane amount of money....

Be loyal to the Fucking brand.

That’s all I’m saying

If you can afford to put a LS in a Miata... You should stick a damn wankel in there, and tune the shit out of it.

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