Illustration for article titled When does beer stop being beer? Bonus: CHBoGOA
Illustration for article titled When does beer stop being beer? Bonus: CHBoGOA

Apparently this holds a record as one of the strongest beers ever made. So much so that for legal reasons, it’s apparently sometimes classified as a malt liquor.

I don’t know how I feel about it. I respect it as I respect anything that has a high alcohol content (which is to say I drink it with great abandon), but it’s sort of too sweet. I like drinks that actively instill a fear of God in you, like Islay scotches and gin and probably straight ethanol, I bet that’s pretty boss.


This doesn’t do it for me. I feel like I have to appreciate it like sherry, and I don’t want that in a beer.

Second topic: where should I go?

For years, I have taken two vacations, roughly in November/December and in March/April/May. I have no had the chance to go on vacation since December. It looks like I won’t get to go anywhere until December/January, and I have 45,000 Amex points to burn.



1) Hong Kong

I haven’t been to Hong Kong in a few years, but it’s probably my favorite place I’ve ever been to. Short of New York, it’s the only place I’ve ever felt completely at home. Most likely, I would spend a week or two in a single bar.


2) Italy.

I’ve never been to Italy. It’s probably okay? I tend to consider Italians as less awful Spaniards, but I’d like to test that out in person.


3) Ireland.

I was supposed to spend a week in Ireland I had hotels booked and everything, but changed my plans and went and spent a week in Scotland with a friend instead. I like Ireland and feel a it bad about that, since I’ve never been to the south and was going to stay mostly there and Galway. I like Ireland, because they’re very drunk friendly. I like a place where you can get really fucked up, because someone is going to carry you back to your hotel afterwards.

4) Iceland:

I bet Iceland in January is shit. That makes me really want to go, despite how expensive it is. Every Icelander I’ve met has been certifiably fucking crazy, and I want to experience that.

5) Wildcard, bitches. Choose something for me.

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