Random showroom bathroom

So... in my last post I mentioned we were heavily considering doing our shower in marble. This is because of who I a as a person, always letting my projects get away from me. (See: that time I wanted a dining room table and ended up having one custom built out of African hardwood.)

Luckily! I was talked out of this recent boondogle because, as it turns out, marble is actually a really terrible surface to have in a bathroom!

The new bathroom layout


Apparently it, and all natural stone, is super porous and requires constant maintenance? This was first mentioned to me by a stone vendor (which coincidentally didn’t have much marble on offer). I ended up googling it and... did not like what I saw.

This little gem was my favorite:

Water is the enemy of marble, especially polished marble. Water carries soap and other particulates into the stone and dries leaving them behind to become soap scum. The resulting moisture left behind by water can allow mold and mildew to grow on the surface and weaken the sealer.

Every Six Months:

Look closely at the surface for water absorption. If you have dark tiles that once were light, especially in high water exposure areas, it is time to apply a sealer. It is best to allow drying time before sealing. Drying can be help along with heating and dehumidifying methods. (Allow sealed areas to cure for a minimum of 2 days (Optimum 5) prior to use.


Look man... I am a lazy SOB and “maintenance” is something I do only on my cars. So... yeah no. Also the idea of having to work on my twice a year and have it out of commission for around two weeks a year is... no.

So yeah... not sure what we’re going to do now. Default is to do the same subway tile throughout. We’re also looking at doing large hex tile (3"+) but as we’re doing 1" hex on the floor (that is what is already there) We’re concerned about clashing...