Here in the U.K. we’ve had some issues with milk farmers, because the export market for milk has slowed it’s meant farms are over producing compared to present day command which has dropped the price of milk.

Last year there were some ‘peaceful’ protests by farmers in supermarkets up and down the country as some even brought a cow and walked it in some stores to highlight the situation.

Ironically some did it in the stores that buy their milk from a milk farmers co-operative who pay the farmers a fair price for the milk.

The price has been starting to creep up again but the company I work for does 2.272litres/4pints for whole milk (full fat) for £0.95 (USD$1.25) but also do a ‘farmers whole milk’ which is the same milk but for £1.20 (USD$1.57) with which an extra £0.25 (USD$0.33) goes to the farmer for the milk.

It’s only a small thing but it’s good to support the farming community as much as you can even if it is only a selecting what milk you buy.