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When glass replacement goes wrong

Houston we have a problem.

I’ve been trying to get the windshield in my GTI properly replaced for 3 weeks now. It isn’t going well.

It all started with a flying rock off of dump truck on the DC Beltway, which turned into a massive spider crack across the length of the front windshield.


I have glass coverage through my insurance, and they sent me to a third party company to have it replaced. I telework one day a week, so that was supposed the perfect day for them to come out and replace the glass.

Week 1: They showed up with the wrong glass. Week one lost to goof up on thier end. Crack continues to grow.

Week 2: They show up with the right, third party glass, and at the end of the 2 hour install the mounting point for the rear view mirror breaks. Week two lost to crappy third party glass. They stick the mirror to the glass with temporary glue and some tape.

They get approval to order OEM glass and tell me it will be in the shop by week 3.


Week 3: No OEM glass at the shop yet. Temporarily glue and tape finally fail and I’m left with a mirror dangling down like a Christmas ornament blowing in the wind.

End of Week 3: Coming up this Friday they are hoping the glass will be in the shop, but they have no appointments for when I need them. I am taking time off of work to drive to their shop and get everything, maybe, hopefully, replaced and working.


In the meantime, enjoy my photos of said dangling mirror, and the super-awesome tool I used to fix it. Packing tape from the shipping department at work.

Ghetto-fabulous in my 17' GTI!


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