"When I carve a pumpkin, I put a crucifix on it."

I have a particularly religious Christian (I dunno what version) coworker. She expresses herself in many unexpected ways. Which makes life interesting for me as a not-at-all religious Jewish guy.

This coworker lady, she really puts her love of the lord right out there. She's always playing the Christian music station on iHeartRadio thru her computer, and has little religious baubles around her desk, like this one:


She also stuck this flyer on the wall in the copy room, which is a clear HR violation, but hey whatever if nobody else is annoyed by it I'm not going to raise a stink.

Anyway, today I was talking with my particularly religious coworker about Halloween costumes at offices, and mentioned that last night my gf and I carved our pumpkin for Halloween today. She responded,


"I don't normally participate in Halloween in any way, but if I do carve a pumpkin, I put a crucifix on it."

(record scratch noise)

That was the sound of my brain thinking, "ok don't say anything insensitive here." I figured she probably doesn't participate in Halloween because of thinking it's demonic or something, so I just said, "my participation in Halloween is purely secular," and laughed.


Time to go find some demons to hang out with...

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