...I’m buying a 747 and turning it into a swinging pad.

There’s something very “Mad Max” about this shot

A retired 747 refitted for Burning Man, first as an “art installation”, then as a nightclub, is in a bit of legal trouble after the landowner who had previously granted permission for the plane to be parked on his land reconsidered at the last minute.

The interior during better times

The 747, built in 1985 and retired from Brazilian airline VARIG, was purchased by non-profit Big Imagination and transported in pieces to the Nevada desert before opening as the world’s largest “art car”

Remember the “Bad Bob” episode of ReBoot? Yeah....

Now though, the plane is technically trespassing, though Big Imagination is working with BLM to obtain the needed permits to disassemble the plane and transport it to its new home.

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