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When I need a boost this is what I play

I usually listen to this song over and over again, hitting the previous track button several times (rewind with AMS when I listened to cassettes...) before moving on to the next track, and never tire of listening to it. This is the first song that introduced me to the amazing guitar playing of the late Allan Holdsworth; I didn’t know until today that he had passed away last year. I first bought this album on vinyl 30+ years ago, and was one of the first CDs I ever purchased. I still have that same CD despite it once being stolen along with my entire CD collection (and recovered through a fun little scheme I hatched that caught the little fucker).


Besides Allan Holdsworth and JLP, the album features Rayford Griffin on drums, George Duke on synthesizers and Randy Jackson (yes, that Randy Jackson...) This cut, which is the last track on the album, is a bundle of joy and happiness and energy that just makes me smile every single time I hear it. I’ve been in various recording sessions and sometimes it seems like the musicians are just going through the motions to get the session over with, but this song makes me think that these guys were having a hell of a lot of fun recording this piece. Not in a goofy, throwaway kind of way like when The Police recorded anything written by Stewart Copeland, but as a bunch of people enjoying each other’s company and just plain having fun trying to make the best cut they could. Probably my favorite section is right around 4:16, the transition to the finale, which has a great low synth/bass growl that I just love. Rayford just goes crazy on the drums at this point with an energy rarely heard in the jazz world.

True to my word, I’ve listened to this piece at least six or seven times as I wrote this, and quite loudly I might add; it’s a good thing that I’m the only one that lives in this house/apartment building right now. Do yourself a favor and blast this tune and enjoy. It can’t help but make you smile.

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