If your Ford had a Matthew McConaughey, it would be a Lincoln

When I was 16, I drove an automatic CTS-V sedan

I had zero experience with enthusiast cars. The fastest car I’d driven at that point had been a Ford Probe. The CTS-V? It blew my mind. Ever since, I’ve lusted after these, but now it’s the coupes and wagons that really rev my engine. Look at this beastly thing. Aggressive, but not angry. Angular, but not overdone.

It’s a masterpiece. As close to a batmobile as you can get. I’ll even forgive it the tinted taillights, because it just works.


The sedans are a bit bland, and the wagons sell for twice the price of a high mileage NSX. The coupes though..? The coupes are attainable. The coupes are stylish. The coupes are 100% unique.


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