I didn’t want a car with a black interior or without lumbar support. Naturally, I bought a car with both a black interior and without lumbar support.

The 128i.

My experience with my 128i taught me a few things. It taught me that I have to have a stick in my second BMW, otherwise I’d drive the M3 all the time because it was a stick. About 8 hours into my 12 hour drive from San Antonio to Tuscaloosa, I learned that I really should have gotten a car lumbar support. Lumbar support was not standard on either the 1 series or the E9X. I’m not sure about the M3, I know mine has it and it’s not on the window sticker anywhere as an option, but I know electric seats were an optional extra on the M3. In fact, my E92 doesn’t even have electric seats, like with the M3 they were an optional extra. They were also optional on the 1, but it was one of the few options that had been selected. The 128i also taught me that the sport pack was a requirement, if for nothing other than the seats. If you got the sport pack you got the sport seats, electric and lumbar support were still additional options. My dislike of black interiors comes from the fact that it’s hotter than a non-black interior.

The E92

I had prioritized the transmission above everything else. It had to had to have a stick, and I wasn’t really looking at cars without a sport pack. I test drove an auto E90 328i without a sport pack and it confirmed that I was going to end up buying either a 128i or an E9X with a sport pack and a stick.


I test drove this 128i. It was loaded, basically had every option selected apart from the M-sport pack and a manual transmission. Even in a great color combo, but the lack of a stick made me pass. So despite the E92 lacking lumbar support and a black interior, I bought it anyways. All of the cars I have boughten have been BMWs with black interiors. Even that white M3 I tried to buy had a black interior. Apparently despite not liking black interiors, I’m good at buying cars with them. I also say I like sedans more and naturally the last 2 cars I’ve boughten have been coupes. I also like the LCI E92 more than the pre-LCI E92, which is why I’ve got a pre-LCI E92. I also learned during this process that the E92 didn’t get LCI treatment at the same time as the E90. I had assumed they both got the LCI treatment in 2009, but the coupe had to wait until 2011. They did update iDrive for all 2009s and up, regardless of LCI date.


Oh this car is only like a 25% match? Cool, I’ll take it.