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When is a Miata not a Miata? When it's this.

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Photo: Dude

On FB Marketplace not far from me, listed as a 1990 Miata MX-5. For reals.

Seller’s description

Take a rusted Miata, strip the body, drop the Exo-skeleton frame over the power train and this is what you get. Now toss in an LS1/t-56/G-80 diff and stir gently. Spice it up with coil overs, Wilwood brakes, 3 core radiator and a custom tuned ECU and you have a whole lotta fun in a lightweight (1650) package. The car need the exhaust run from the installed headers to the stainless Magnaflow muffler, wiring, and the black bodywork mounted. Ct registered/insured/emissioned. This chassis was the first from Exomotive to come with a textured powder coating and they used this car to build the jig for the windshield frame. The glass is a cutdown version of schoolbus glass so it’s DOT approved and bonded to the frame just like any other modern car. Interested in cash but might entertain a trade for 60’s Firebird/Mustang/Mopar, possibly a Big Twin with your cash on top. I could have the car turnkey ready in short order if the money was right.


Insane, ugly deathtrap? Yup! Sign me up!

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