When it comes to the school run, the gloves are off

The 15 minutes or so that I spend waiting to pick my brother up from school every day never fail to entertain. Today, for instance, I watched a fully grown woman in a Caravan block another woman from going in front of her (she ought to have let her go) and then stop in the middle of the road and stick herself out the window so she could blow raspberries and thumb her nose at the other woman. I shit you not. Even when that doesn't happen, it's a regular circus of people parking in any way they can think of in order to block traffic save a minute, oblivious people driving the wrong way down the one-way (and thus blocking traffic) and people trying to pass each other on a narrow, two-way road with cars parked on both sides. Yesterday, for instance, a UPS delivery truck nearly backed into me trying to make a corner while navigating around a wrong-way driver. Another woman simply parked her van across the mouth of the exit driveway for the parking lot, trapping all the school buses inside. I get my dash cam next week. I'm not going to be one of those "bad drivers" dash-cammers, but as long as I have it, I can't wait to see what sort of stupidity I catch at pick-up.

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One of these would be bloody helpful.

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