How I feel Right Now

So I have posted about my Goat problems here before. Well any way today I decided to get a quote on a few things I need done, including the slave cylinder. Ha Ha Ha, even at employee rates, it is a 5.2 hour job (thank you internal slave). This means almost $400 in labor, $140 slave, and if a clutch is needed, $800 ($290 clutch plate and $520 flywheel/pressure plate combo) . This is of course for factory equipment pricing with my employee discount. Then the tech pointed out my rear tires are almost roasted another $450 and I will probably need new front brake pads by my next oil change. Factory pads are discontinued, so some nice Hawk pads will run around $150 or more. Plus I need to move which is where my tax refund is going. Now I could fund all this with my selling of the 928, but I had other ideas for that money. Fucking damn it. Like really world? Really? I thought I was getting my life back on track here and figuring things out, but apparently you just keep putting me down. I just can’t have one nice thing without 12 more bad things. I’m looking at close to $2k in parts and labor to do all of this. FUCK!

If only I had money to burn