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When James Bond drove Audi 200s

So, tonight I’m watching The Living Daylights, one of my favorite Bonds starring Timothy Dalton, who is coincidentally my second favorite actor to play the role. Now, it’s obvious that the star car of this film is Bond’s Aston V8 Vantage, but I want to talk about the two hella cool Audi 200s he drives in other parts of the film.


The first one is an Audi 200 sedan, which he drives in Bratislava, Czechoslovakia (the film is from 1987, pre USSR end and pre-Czech breakup). It is honestly a gorgeous car, in a fine dark grey/bronze with mesh wheels. It really looks good in the darker nighttime alleyway setting that it’s mostly seen in.

The second is a lighter beige 200 Avant seen later in the film as Bond is in Tangiers, after his Aston was ‘sploded.


While not quite as cool or good looking as the aforementioned sedan, it does serve as an interesting fact, because I believe this is the only wagon or estate that Bond drives in the series. And we all know how great wagons are.


So yeah, it’s a neat little thing to see the world’s biggest super spy drive two 80s Audi’s, and makes me wonder why the Audi 200 was even chosen for those parts when a Mercedes or a Ford Sierra could have been used. Still, it does give Audi 200 owners something to boast about.

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