When Life Gives You Lemons...

... make donuts?

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No wait. When it snows in April, make lemonade.

No. Wait.

I give up.


While I’m here, let me tell you a little story. Gather, ‘round, chill’un.

Yesterday, I went into a local hardware store, stared at the hundreds, no, thousands of paint samples they have, and chose 4 swatches (24 total colors) to bring home. I stuck them to the bathroom wall, and left them there.


My wife looked at them, I looked at them, but we didn’t talk about what color we might want to choose; not one word.

Tonight, she looks at me and says, “So what one do you like? I have a favorite, but you tell me first.” I pointed at one and she lit up - “NO WAY that’s my choice, too.”


So, we’ve been married 10 years (nearly). And not only do we agree, but we blindly picked the same paint color. I’ll call that a win.

And for you doubters who say, “she just picked whatever one you said...” nope. She definitely wouldn’t do that.


Cheers to that.

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