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When Lights On the Dash is a Good Thing

One thing I hadn’t really messed with much in the FZJ80 was the e-diffs. But now that I know how they work, I wanted to see if they worked correctly.

The truck has an electronic locking front and rear diff, plus a center locking diff. The center lock comes on automatically in 4lo, or you can buy a switch so you can turn it on in 4hi.

I went out in front of my house, shifted into 4lo, and rolled forward. The ABS and CDL lights came on, and I heard the center diff engage. So far so good.


I switched the rear locker on, the light started flashing, and as I rolled it eventually came online fully. Good, we have rear lock.

Flipped the switch to the front lock, it flashed...and flashed...and kept right on flashing. Now that doesn’t necessarily mean it isn’t engaged, but it means that it doesn’t think it is. Could be a sensor issue.

I headed on my way to Lowes to return a tool, and I remembered on the forums they say to turn it on and off a bunch of times, because it might be stuck from non-use. I wager my lockers haven’t been used in the last five years, so I pull into a parking lot and try it again.

Sure enough this time the rear locks up quickly and then the front locks up shortly after.


So I’m pretty pleased. I’ve got new tires, I’ve got locking diffs, when it does start to snow I’m going to be unstoppable. Unfortunately my boss knows what I drive, so I won’t be able to call out because I couldn’t get there in the middle of a blizzard.


Bonus picture of the truck after I removed the center caps that I can’t remember if I posted or not:

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