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When Miata is Not the Answer

The common theme here is that Miata is the answer to everyone’s problems. Owning a Miata is the key to happiness and joy. That only applies to humans though..

While I was staying with my parents getting my Impala out of storage for the summer, I was tasked with picking up my sister’s pet fish from my grandmother’s house where it had been while they were on vacation. Seeing as I was in no way going to let a fish in a tank sit on the floor of my Impala, the only other choice was my mom’s new Miata.


When i picked up the fish, I took every precaution to make sure the tank wouldn’t spill. I put it in a bag, tied up, pinned against the seat on a flat part of the floor that seemed stable, and started the drive home. Now, anyone who has driven an NC Miata knows that while it’s a decently comfortable car, it is in no way smooth. The body moves over every bump in the road and slowly moving up through the gears makes the car jump more than most other manual cars because it’s so light. Well, halfway through the drive I started to smell something fishy, so i feel down in the passenger footwell and... nothing! After I find a suitable place to pull over, I turn the lights on and see the tank tipped over, water all over the passenger footwell, and my sister’s fish laying dead on its side floating in the puddle. After lots of picking aquarium rocks from the carpeting and shoveling water out of the footwell with my hands, I made it back home. I had to apologize to two people that night..

So.. if you are a fish, or have to transport a pet fish, Miata is never the answer.

Oh, and I now owe my sister a new fish.

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