When I first moved into my apartment the staff failed to properly clean and patch/paint my apartment. I was understandably perturbed by this, but after I brought it up they apologized, discounted my first month’s rent, and promised to fix it.

One of the staff girls said they’d just let me know the day before they were going to patch and paint. 3 weeks have gone by, because they were “waiting on spackle”. This afternoon, while I was out on a post-punchlist inspection, I got a text from the same girl saying that they had patched the holes.

Dat patch tho...

This kinda pissed me off because my apartment was extremely messy due to work being crazy. Then, when I got home, I found my apartment unlocked... so they entered without asking then didn’t bother to lock the door when they left. The few places they did patch, they spackled super heavy. There’s gonna be dust everywhere tomorrow when they sand and paint, and I’m worried about paint splatter.


I don’t have dining chairs (or friends) so my new table is currently Hot Wheels storage space.