When racecars fight back

This happened back in May when I had my new-to-me F2000 out for its maiden shakedown run. Apparently, the car was very unhappy because moments after clocking me in the helmet with the shock cover the bottom end of the engine seized. Oh I forgot to mention, this was all during my very first lap in the car at less than 4/10s. Injury, insult, lemon law, some shit like that.

In the meantime I've been able to rebuild almost the entire car and it had been all the way down to just the frame a few weeks back. The previous owner was a halfwit, and besides a pile of issues with the engine, I found lots of other questionable workmanship. Frankly, much worse could have happened. But finally, all the pieces are coming back together and with the motor returning this week I have some hope to salvage a few races in the fall. Pics and video to followup over the coming weeks as it comes back together.


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