When real life imitates Gran Turismo

Sometimes the line between video game and real life takes a strange twist and start blurring together.

This video is from a race back in the summer at Grattan Raceway in Michigan. It was the end of July but the weather was awful; cold and rainy. In my infinite wisdom, and directly against my girlfriend's advice, I decided to leave my rain tires at home and instead bring an extra set of slicks. Well guess what happened!? Sunday morning's qualifying session was a complete downpour, so I decided to sit it out. I had fingers crossed in hope for the track to dry out in time for the race.


With no qualifying time I was gridded at the back of the field and had one of the most fun races of my summer. So much so that when it was all done I felt like I had spent the whole race playing Gran Turismo instead of real-life racing. Arcade mode; start from the back, pass a bunch at the start, then get one or two for the next few laps until you find yourself in the lead.

Because of that we decided to put together the video in the structure of an Arcade-style video game. We may completely redo it some time in the future to make it even more video-game-esque but I hope you can enjoy it in it's current form.

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