After using my considerable powers of OCD to arrive at the decision to buy a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, I then turned my OCD attention to the task of finding the absolute most perfect-for-me Galaxy S7 Edge case. I probably spent more time finding a case than a phone. Not every option was desirable.

I generally prefer a slim, flexible case that adds minimal bulk to the phone while at the same time providing halfway decent cushioning from impacts. Most of these sort of gel looking cases are made from thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). Before deep diving into any one particular brand of case, I just did a basic search on Amazon for “Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge TPU case.” Many results appeared, including this inexplicably NSFW one.

I...couldn’t form any coherent thoughts about this phone case.


Instead, I bought this Spigen Neo Hybrid Crystal case, even though what I really wanted was a translucent blue TPU case. This one has a shiny clear TPU case with a harder polycarbonate bumper that runs around the edge.

Why didn’t I get a blue or case? Because the best options I could find on Amazon made my OCD twitch. This blue one has an ugly bright white logo on it.


This one comes in gray and a sort of more sky blue, but I don’t like the shape of the edge around the corners.


So I bought the Spigen one because there was nothing about it that made me itch.

EVENING UPDATE: I continued searching for what I really wanted, which was a basic blue translucent TPU case. I found one for $3.75 at Newegg through a 3rd party seller.


I’m still going to keep the Spigen though, because my phone arrives on Wednesday, and this other case is coming by whatever snail mail this 3rd party Newegg seller sees fit. I can’t go caseless with my shiny new phone.

I can already hear the sarcastic remarks from my wife about why anyone would need 2 different phone cases. Maybe I should respond with, “hey, at least I didn’t buy the one with a skeleton going down on a naked lady.” That’ll work perfectly.