What is the sound of one piston slapping?
What is the sound of one piston slapping?

So I am regarded as the go-to guy for car recommendations by a lot of family and friends. Actually I should by ALL of my known family and friends. To the point that I have even be asked what toy car to buy for their first born..

Anyways, coming to the actual story.. A relative of mine with 2 kid and another one on the way recently moved to the US from Europe. And he asked me the ultimate question:

“What car should I buy? ”

And soon added, I am looking at SUVs / 7 seaters because his parents / in-laws visit him frequently. So they would end up needing the space. And he’s moving to Atlanta.


And soon added, MB / BMW/ Audi are too expensive in that size and he would buy one of those brands a few years down the line.

Before I could ask how much he was planning to spend or if he was okay with CPO or wanted brand new only, he said Honda Pilot is kinda what he’s looking at.


So I gave him my opinion as regards VW Atlas ( new product +mega warranty), refreshed Buick / GMC / Chevy options, as well as about the Dodge Durango. I even sent him a few listings for some excellent CPO offerings at a heavily discounted price.

2 weeks later, he says:

“So, what should I buy”.

So I send him a bunch of comparison tests ranking X, y, Z as no 1 in different scenario.


2 weeks later (this afternoon):
I have decided on Honda Pilot.



To which he replies:

“What do you want me to do, you are highly regarded and famous as regards your knowledge / awareness with respect to cars in the family. And when I asked your opinion about the car choice, you started telling me stories / comparison tests / reviews about all these cars I had never heard.”


Me: “Opinion.. lol.. no boy.. my opinion is more like story.. but anyhow... Honda Pilot is a good choice.. very well rated.. So it’ll last you a long time”

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