Painting the area under the sink white: great idea.Painting the cabinet doors teal: well... HD was selling 5 gallons of that particular color for $3. I needed something—ANYTHING—to replace the horrendous original off-yellow. And I was broke. Someday I’ll remodel the kitchen

When something breaks at home? Boom! 30 minutes of work, fixed. When something breaks in the car? Boom! 30 minutes of work, even more broken.

Hey, 50% handy is better than nothing, right?

Turns out my disposal was fine (as it should be, I put it in 6 months ago 😡) and the clog was right up against the wall, past the disposal. No idea how it happened, but there was an old butter knife wrapped in hair, which must have predated the current pipes as there’s no way in hell it would have gone through the pvc that’s under the sink now. Judging by the design, the knife was probably older than I am.


I miss designing large-scale plumbing projects, but even just clearing drains is kinda fun. Now I just need to get that confidence with electrical. Half the outlets need to be replaced, the ballest in the kitchen flourescent fixture needs to be replaced (or removed and wired up for an LED unit?), I’ve got a few hallway light fixtures that no longer work—no clue why, a hole in the ceiling—taped wires poking through—where a smoke alarm was, and a bathroom fan that no longer works.


At least the pipes are flowing, and the windows are sparkling.

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