When spray paint and alcohol mix...

What happens when you tell your girlfriend after she’s had about 6 mimosas to decorate your track bike? You get a bitchin’ track bike livery!!!

I recently got a cheap, used set of fairings off craiglist, but the paint was shit and being all black, they looked kind of boring...


I plan on giving the fairings a proper paint job, but I have a track day this weekend so I wanted to spice it up a little with some quick and dirty graphics.

Odin was fulfilling his duties as shop dog.


As such he earned his spot on the bike.


So yeah the old black paint is rough and more sober hands along with more sanding and prep work would have yielded much cleaner results, but thats for later. This was for fun and much fun was had.

I will probably have the most whimsical bike at the track this weekend. Gonna see how the new rearsets and clip-ons help once I’m ripping around Putnam Park.


Keep the shiny side up!

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