Story time, gather ‘round. I was at the park again grilling out because steak. And notice a caprice with oversized rims driving around the “streets” in the park. Reving the motor, On the gas then brakes where the front of the car would lift then come down and rub the tires when suspension settled, and would rub on the turns.

The went back to their buddy with a Monte Carlo also on rims. Like so, but white.

Then Caprice backed up I guess to go around the park again, I heard a yell, the looked up, and a crunch as the caprice backed into a light pole at an angle and put a good size dent in the rear passenger door.


The guys who got out were exactly the type you would expect driving these kind of cars, low & long cargo shorts & tank tops. I guess the one white guy was test driving , then black guy was arguing with him, other white guy was bowing up about ready to put a beat down on bad driver.

Driver got on phone and started to walk off. The other guys got in the caprice & both cars left.


I put my steak on the grill & eventually the bad driver got picked up at the entrance of the park.