Bow corners for M37s are not cheap, $35 each for a new or old one. Midwest Military makes exact copies now, but it’s low volume so cha ching. And since they are making them that makes NOS or used ones to go up, I have seen some NOS ones for more already. The trailer bows are a different size so those don’t work. It would have been smart for them to make all the bows the same across the fleet!

So one of my options for tops is this lowered rear top, closer to the height of the cab top. More Land Rover like. SInce people will not be sitting in the back i won’t need the original height of the rear bows.
This is an earlier WWII WC but it shows a partial rear cover, I like this idea for a summer top, leave it open but out of the sun and prepared for a little rain. M37s have door so I just have to get another canvas top and alter it to fit whatever I can build for this set up on an M37. I love these WCs but I felt like I needed doors. I would like to find a really rough one of these and fix it up, add a newer I6 engine and better tranny.
Correct height for the bows
I have also thought about making a modular system like the LRs, I don’t know anything about making this stuff, the LR kits won’t fit my truck, maybe I could alter one, or maybe it’s cheaper to just make one.

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