When the phone rings, I always hesitate.

Customer: “I think there’s something wrong with my [product]. I think it needs [list of things it doesn’t actually need] because it’s [actually performing exactly as inspected].”

Me: “Alright, we’ll get an inspection written up for you and contact you when we can have one our [TEAMMATES!] get out there and assess the situation.”

C: “I already told you the situation.”

M: “Yes, and we will send someone out who can assess and remedy the situation.”

C: “You mean I have to wait for another [what would be the second, this one being the first] phone call?!”


M: “Yes, but —”

C: “Well [huffs loudly] I don’t like that at all!”

Me for now the third time: “We’ll call you when we can send someone out.”

C: “[laughs] Alright, I guess that’s fine...”

M: “Yep. Bye.”

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